Am I Doing this Right? PBL Mathematics from a Thematic Perspective

Carmel Schettino · NCTM Regional Meeting · October 2017

Angel Clare’s ‘Ache of Modernism’: Brazil and Global Fashion in Tess of the D’Urbervilles

Rebecca Strauss · American Comparative Literature Association · March 2011

The Anonymous Project

Rebecca Strauss · The Nightingale-Bamford School · December 2015

Assessing PBL: Relating Student Work to the Practice Standards

Carmel Schettino · NCTM Regional Meeting · April 2015

Becoming Leonardo

William Lidwell · Keynote Address, Struktur Event · May 2014

Can Leadership Be Taught?

Rebecca Strauss · The Nightingale-Bamford School · September 2015

Civil Rights Leadership Today: Black Lives Matter and the Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Rebecca Strauss · The Nightingale-Bamford School · January 2017

Creating Joyful Schools for the Future

Tim Carr · TEDxJIS · 2017

Fashioning the Global Caribbean in Jean Rhys and Jamaica Kincaid

Rebecca Strauss · South Atlantic Modern Language Association · November 2013

Global Scale and Critical Form

Rebecca Strauss · Modernist Studies Association · November 2014

Human Rights and Visual Media

Rebecca Strauss · Columbia University · October 2014

Launching New Standards for International School Heads

Tim Carr · Academy for International School Heads (AISH) · 2018

Learning for Action and Impact

Tim Carr · Association for the Advancement of International Education (AAIE) annual conference · 2018

Learning from Children in the Most Remote Places

Julia Higdon, Austin Volz, Drew Edwards, Roland Wells · SXSW EDU · March 2017

Local Partners, Global Ambitions: How a Community Center and a Girls School Collaborate to Change the World Together

Rebecca Strauss · National Coalition for Girls’ Schools: The Global Forum on Girls’ Education · February 2016

Making Management Matter

John Ivancevich, William Lidwell · Presentation at the 2004 Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management · August 2004

Mentoring Each Other: Teaching Teachers to Teach with PBL

Carmel Schettino · NCTM Regional Meeting · April 2016

More Than a Feeling: Promoting Empathy Through High-Intensity Writing Practice

Isil Celimli, Julia Higdon, Todd Shy, and David Palumbo · Eastern Educational Research Association Conference · February 2017

One Student at a Time: Leading the Global Education Movement

Fernando Reimers, Austin Volz, Luis E. Garcia de Brigard, Ana Gabriela Pessoa, Sandra Licon, Myra M. Khan, Wilson Aiwuyor, David Edwards · Harvard Graduate School of Education · September 2017

Oscar Wilde’s Fashion Statements

Rebecca Strauss · New York University, Gallatin School of Individualized Study · February 2013

Power, Privilege, and Intersectionality: A Critical Analysis of Race

Rebecca Strauss · The Nightingale-Bamford School · April 2016

Putting Writing into Perspective: Cultivating Empathy Through High-Intensity Writing Practice

Isil Celimli, Julia Higdon · American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting · April 2018


Access, Quality and Equity: International Perspectives on Compulsory Education Provision

Zhang Tiedao, Zhang Tingting, Austin Volz, Zha Min, Dai Jingjing · January 2015

Bridging the Manager-Organizational Scientist Collaboration Gap

John Ivancevich, William Lidwell, Thomas Duening · Organizational Dynamics · May 2005

The Dean of Engineering: Interview with Dean Kamen

William Lidwell · Make Magazine · November 2005

Deconstructing Product Design

William Lidwell, Gerry Manacsa · Rockport Publishers · 2009

Elements of Education for Teachers

Austin Volz, Julia Higdon, William Lidwell · 2019

Empowering Global Citizens: A World Course

Fernando Reimers, Connie Chung, Vidur Chopra, Julia Higdon, Eleanor O’Donnell · July 2016

Experiences in Liberal Arts and Science Education from America, Europe, and Asia

William C. Kirby, Marijk van der Wende, Austin Volz (assistant editor) · 2016

‘External Modernity, or something of that sort’: Ezra Pound’s Transatlantic ‘Redondillas.’

Rebecca Strauss · Paideuma · 2012

Filling the Right Gaps with the Right People

Austin Volz · WISE ed.review · October 2015

A Framework for Problem-Based Learning: Teaching Mathematics with a Relational Problem-Based Pedagogy

Carmel Schettino · Interdisciplinary Journal of Problem-Based Learning · October 2016

Goodbye, Design Thinking — Hello, Design Wisdom

William Lidwell · LinkedIn Learning · July 2015

Guidelines for Excellence in Management

John Ivancevich, William Lidwell · South-Western Educational Publishers · August 2004

Henry James’s Social Fabric

Rebecca Strauss · The Henry James Review · 2013

Making Writing HIP

Matthew Mercier · Creative Non-Fiction · Spring 2017

More With Less

William Lidwell · Interactions Magazine · November/December 2009

The Pocket Universal Principles of Design

William Lidwell, Kritina Holden, Jill Butler · Rockport Publishers · 2015

Putting Writing Into Perspective: Cultivating Empathy Through High-Intensity Writing Practice

Işıl Çelimli, Julia Higdon · Journal of Educational Research · November 2019

Teaching Geometry through Problem-Based Learning

Carmel Schettino · Mathematics Teacher · December 2011

Universal Principles of Design

William Lidwell, Kritina Holden, Jill Butler · Rockport Publishers · 2001/2010

The Elements of Education for Teachers: 50 Research-Based Principles Every Educator Should Know

Julia Higdon, Austin Volz, William Lidwell · Routledge · 2019

通识教育与文理学院的价值 [The value of general education and liberal arts colleges]

Austin Volz · Fudan General Education · March 2014

Walking Bridges: Placing the Liberal Arts and Sciences between Secondary and Higher Education

Austin Volz · International Journal of Chinese Education · 2016

Woody’s World: Interview with Woody Norris

William Lidwell · Make Magazine · February 2006

Online Courses

How Colors Affect You: What Science Reveals

William Lidwell · The Great Courses · May 2013

The Science of Logo Design

William Lidwell, Jill Butler · LinkedIn Learning · May 2014/August 2016

The 33 Laws of Typography

Jill Butler · LinkedIn Learning · November 2014

Universal Principles of Design: The Pocket Lectures

William Lidwell, Jill Butler · LinkedIn Learning · July 2015