The Institute for Advanced Mathematics (IAM) offers a path of advanced study for uniquely talented secondary school students around the world. For learners who are passionate about math, IAM allows them to go beyond the regular math classroom and work at levels rarely supported in traditional schooling.
female student considers the math problem she has written on a whiteboard.

Math Without Limits

More than just an advanced math class, IAM is an exceptionally selective global program designed for students who see mathematics as a source of beauty and inspiration in the world, and who feel driven to produce groundbreaking work in pure and applied mathematics.

student works on a math problem on a whiteboard as the teacher and class look on.

Quipus to Supercomputers

Guided by expert faculty, students examine mathematical breakthroughs from 17,000 BCE to the present day, incorporating cultural and historical perspectives into their analysis. Students learn from independent research, unique problem-solving opportunities, peer-group discussions, hands-on projects and the constant construction of mathematical models. This rigorous curriculum is more demanding than any math class taught in most schools.

female students sit at a common table while writing in their notebooks and referencing laptops.

Individualized Study

Instruction is individualized and the learning environment is flexible. Each student completes the content in a manner and at a pace that maximizes their learning. The scope and sequence of the work are strictly determined by the student’s pace, progress and passion. There are no “classrooms” where students sit together grouped by age or grade level; rather, students benefit from a rhythm of intensive independent study followed by regular group or one-on-one meetings online with IAM faculty.

a student trims pieces of cardboard for a project as other students work in the background.

The Student Experience

Students participate in two kinds of work: modules and projects. Modules consist of curricular materials, which students work on independently, discussing their solutions with IAM faculty and their peer group on a regular basis. Projects are hands-on and often collaborative, challenging students to explore applications of mathematics in engineering, science, or art.


Eligibility: Students currently enrolled in grades 6-11
Program Dates: September 3, 2024 – May 30, 2025
Application Opens: April 15, 2024
Application Due: April 29, 2024
Academic Credits: 1
Pricing: $5800

To apply, students solve a math challenge that was released on April 15, 2024. Solutions must be submitted no later than April 29. Click the button at right to view the challenge and submit your application.

Have questions? Reach out to us at iam@avenues.org.

Cem Inaltong

Cem Inaltong

Director of the Institute for Advanced Mathematics

​Before stepping into his current position as ​Director of the Institute for Advanced Mathematics​ (IAM), Cem Inaltong ​​led the development of problem-based math learning at some of the most prestigious schools in the country, including Trinity School in New York City and Avenues The World School. With a strong belief that deep understanding of mathematics happens when learners are inspired by exploration and discovery, Cem designed IAM to engage and challenge students who are naturally inclined to see the world through a sophisticated mathematical lens.

Born and raised in Turkey, Cem received a B.S. degree in mathematics and an M.A. in philosophy, both from Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey. He has authored multiple essays on education, art and philosophy, and published a number of short stories and poems.