We arrived in Uganda armed with a doc full of research questions and fortified by a months-long collaboration with the people of Project Hello World. Our shared challenge required a leap of imagination — could we reach out and work with communities around the world to make high quality learning accessible for all?

The Avenues research team has been working on autonomous, project-based learning, while Project Hello World has been on the ground in East Africa figuring out the hardware, design, and — critically — the community-based orientation needed to sustain internet access points in low-resource locations. In the course of collaborating, our Avenues group had gathered some sense of the communities and their usage of the access points, including initial work with online learning. Yet anecdotes, imagination, and even data were not enough — we needed to add first-hand observations and direct conversations to more fully complete the picture.


Avenues Tiger Works
Field Research Team

January 2017

Jeremy Bhatia

Data, Scalability, and Funding

Gerry Manacsa

Design, Engineering, and Usabiity

Austin Volz

Educational Research and Methods