[:en]Golden Tiger Award Winners for 2015-2016[:]

Issue 09 ・ June 10, 2016
[:en]The Golden Tiger Award celebrates courageous innovation at Avenues.

The individuals selected for this year’s Golden Tigers had the fortitude to take big chances, explore the unknown, and challenge the status quo. With their imagination and persistent efforts, they have further lifted our students’ learning experiences and strengthened our institution.

With our thanks, here are the Golden Tiger Award winners for 2015–2016:

Angela Xu, for questioning sacrosanct conventions  of  Chinese immersion teaching Emma Creeden, Erin Finn-Welch, Todd Holcomb, Tiffany Reedy, Tim Steffen (World Course Tiger Team), for offering a compelling new vision for World Course Steven Carpenter, for leading innovation by example, from confabricators to tiny houses