Golden Tiger


The Golden Tiger Award is a recognition program with invited representation from Avenues leadership, faculty, staff, parents, and students. The award celebrates acts of courage at Avenues, usually in the areas of innovation and change, that advance the interests of Avenues and its stakeholders. The program is managed by the Avenues Tiger Works Research and Development group.


To qualify for this award, eligible candidates will have made contributions toward promoting student interests and achievement, school operations, parent engagement, or introduce new processes or techniques that make Avenues a better school. This award is generally not intended for HQ management. Only one Golden Tiger Award for an individual is permitted. Potential candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • Currently an Avenues employee, parent, or student.
  • Served on a Tiger Team or collaborated with the Tiger Works in conducting research and development or enacting change programs.
  • Significantly contributed beyond their normal role and responsibilities.
  • Demonstrated courage, in the face of adversity, advancing the interests of Avenues and its stakeholders.

Award Recipients

For the courage to take big chances, explore the unknown, and challenge the status quo to make us all better, we thank these Golden Tiger Award recipients:


an image representing the Golden Tiger award-winning project by Renee Cai

Renee Cai
for blazing trails with Hi, Science magazine.

Three interlocking circles with a bright glow emanating from their intersection.

Morgan Jones
for spearheading work in community partnerships.

a stylized firefly has a body shaped like a lightbulb which is glowing brightly

Xuefei Zheng and Mia Xu
for extending our reach through the Firefly student initiative.

a wireframe light bulb with a graduation cap glows with light

Carol Miranda, Julie Hutchinson, and Sylvia Guimarães
for developing and leading the Avenues Fellows Program.

a sketched design for an animatronic hybrid rooster and horse

Diego Johnson
for leading innovation by example through the expansive reach of animatronics.

tools for design and engineering, including a ruler, divider, triangle, and mechanical pencil

Rui Zanchetta
for making design and engineering central to the life of the Avenues community and beyond.

a group of stylized people form a circle of community

Marcelo Lima, Patricia Tucci, and
Renata Castro

for advancing a compelling new vision for the Avenues Parent Association.


a glowing light-drawing of a hen over the folds of a dark fabric background

Nadiesda Dimambro
for developing AveMinas and leading learning in DEI.

map showing location of Avenues Shenzhen

Ted Faunce
for his courage and sacrifice in leading Avenues Shenzhen.

detailed view of the moon with its top half lit by the sun and the remainder in shadow

Ana Paula Giorgi
for supporting R&D fellows and developing Moonshot Lab.

speech bubble symbols extruded and placed on fabric

Heather McNamara
for pioneering the Avenues Language Learning Intensive (ALLI) program.

a waving flag depicts a symbol of caring hands supporting a book

Lais Gil
for developing the Scholarship Support Program.

pens, paint brushes, pencils, crayons, markers — tools of the arts and letters

Molly Rose Avila and Daniel Mendel
for founding the Avenues Humanities Center, Humanities Fellowships, and Master Classes.

a segmented block of basic math operators, floating in space

Sarah Yopp
for leading the design and development of a global T-5 math curriculum.

2018–2019 São Paulo

fabric moving in the wind

Cristina Oliveira
for design and innovation in space and movement.

a globe with many points interconnected by lines of light

Inês Moura
for cross-campus connections and innovative displays of student work.

a microphone

Renata Ziegert
for bringing student-led conferences to life for teachers and students.

a binary code of ones and zeroes form the image of a butterfly

Ryan Sawtell
for spearheading work in Sampa Summer Seminar and Future Literacy.

hand-drawn gears forming the shape of a brain

Tatiana Oliveira
for promoting critical thinking and writing through AveNews.

2018–2019 New York

piano, violin, and sheet music

Brendan Dolan
for making music central to the life and soul of the Avenues community.

a binary code of ones and zeroes form the image of a butterfly

Kelly Brandon and Yumi Nakanishi
for leadership and research in creative computing.

Lego-style bricks form a heart

Monica Ramos
for research and development in social and emotional learning.

a pair of athletic shoes in a toddler’s size

Rita Truong
for developing and leading the Avenues Small World program.

an observatory beneath a night sky

Warren Tappe
for extending our reach through advanced AON courses and rooftop observatories.


portrait of a tiger

Abby Brody
for leading innovation by example, from data-driven practice to tiger teams.

Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man

Mark Gutkowski
for pioneering the Mastery Learning System.

a mobile phone shows a student soldering a circuit board, with the skyline of Shenzhen in the background

Pedro Jofre Lora
for leading the Avenues Mastery Academy pilot in Shenzhen.


paper dolls representing a student-centered parent conference

Joseph D’Annibale, Ingrid Lamia, Jamie Lilly, Yingwen Chen, and Jacob Goren
(Parent Conference Tiger Team)
for offering a compelling student-led vision for parent conferences.

a glowing laptop

Sophie Fisher
for blazing trails with Avenues Online.

a journaling book and pen

Sharan Gill
for research and development in HIP Writing.

floating Earth over a white field

Mike Maccarone
for leading innovation by example, from IPBL to the global academic deanship.

a crystal ball

Todd Shy
for leading innovation by example, from program development to school visioning.


a cube representing the multifaceted nature of teaching the Chinese language

Angela Xu
for challenging sacrosanct conventions of Chinese immersion teaching.

floating Earth over a white field

Emma Creeden, Erin Finn-Welch, Todd Holcomb, Tiffany Reedy, Tim Steffen
(World Course Tiger Team)
for advancing a compelling new vision of World Course.

an LED light bulb

Steven Carpenter
for leading innovation by example, from confabricators to tiny houses.


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