Avenues Mastery Academy Shenzhen

Seeking Educational Revolutionaries

Avenues is on a mission: changing the world through education. This is more than a platitude for us. With interconnected campuses under development in leading cities around the world, Avenues is uniquely positioned to develop world-wise leaders equipped to face and solve the future’s complex global challenges.

The Avenues Mastery Academy is an elite program that is one part specialized prep school and one part makerspace. Operating within a global Avenues ecosystem of campuses, the Avenues Mastery Academy is inspired by 15th-century Renaissance studios: an academic apprentice-learning model in which top high school students form a community working side-by-side with master instructors and expert practitioners in a state-of-the-art maker studio. Under the wings of these mentors, Academy student undertake ambitious projects—building a 3D printer, manufacturing a smartphone, analyzing if it should be legal to use 3D printers to make weapons—in a sequence that traces history’s key inventions in mechanics, electronics, and artificial intelligence to transform students into inventors themselves.

The Avenues Mastery Academy brings together students who share passion and fascination for innovation and making. Students plug into the unique innovation ecosystem of Shenzhen, working with expert practitioners, exploring leading technology companies, and joining the maker community. In short, this learning experience can only happen at the Avenues Mastery Academy in Innovation and Making.

Who you are

The Roles

Changing the world is hard, and the status quo in education doesn’t cut it anymore. So we’re not looking for the status quo. This role is intended for the daring, bold, future-oriented, big-dreaming, different-thinking educator whose personal mission aligns with ours. If this describes you and one of the roles below feels like a good fit, tell us about yourself by clicking an email link. Include your CV and let’s begin the conversation.

Technology Lead


Making technology, (electronics, mechanics, programming, AI) creates a gateway for students to understand foundations and first-principles that enable innovation. You will design curricula and directly enable students to build significant historical inventions as well as their own, with long-term understanding of how and why. Rather than the typical fragmented experience of high school class, students’ essential skills and knowledge will develop through the lens of technology.

Tech and Society Lead


Technology does not develop in a vacuum. Social and historical context can propel and hinder the emergence of new technologies. Similarly, unintended consequences follow in the wake of inventions. You’ll help students understand the big picture of historical inventions and develop a sense of social ramifications as they build their identities as inventors. You’ll be the key to enabling students to ask good questions, develop an informed perspective on complex issues, and express themselves skillfully.

Avenues is committed to diversity among our staff. Applicants of diverse backgrounds, based inside and outside of China, are strongly encouraged to apply.