a student in Uganda discusses her weather station project with Avenues researcher Austin Volz

Collaboration with Project Hello World

Avenues is collaborating with Project Hello World on a challenge the requires a leap of imagination — can we reach out and work with communities around the world to make learning accessible for the 263 million children who can’t attend school? View a photo journal of Avenues research in Uganda and watch a video introduction.

Children reading books.

Project Open Book

The education challenge for developing nations often involves the self-perpetuating cycle of poverty and generational illiteracy: families must work to survive but constant work impedes learning to read. We seek to break this cycle by engaging communities to memorialize their stories as durable books, sowing seeds of perennial literacy.

The Avenues World School Library

The Avenues World Library is the first effort to rigorously select and make available the 1,000 most important books for children ages 2–18 in eight languages. This collection embodies Avenues’ commitment to nurturing future generations of global leaders and world-wise citizens.

New Schedules of Thought

The organization of schools has not fundamentally changed since age-based cohorts were introduced in 1800 and subject-based curricula were added in 1892. Are these industrial-age models the best that modern education can do? We are researching new organizational and curricular models to prepare our graduates for the next century, not the last.

Project Backpack equipment including a solar panel and a tablet, in front of a home

Project Backpack

Through a life-wide learning approach, Project Backpack seeks to engage students and their primary caregivers in learning beyond school walls. We will add to existing interventions in resource-constrained communities by extending learning to homes and neighborhoods with transportable, curated sets of tablets, software, solar chargers, and other tools.